Since 1996

How It Works

Dave contacts new customers via the telephone.

Dave can easily send the customer samples of his work without taking up a lot of the customers time.

He promises 20-30 different views of each site, but usually shoots more than that. But you will recieve at least 20 images.

Once the prospect agrees to the shoot, most of the correspondence is then via email. Maps and coordinate information is exchanged until the customer can assuredly reply that yes that is his property.

The images are placed on the customers personal web page (which Dave creates for them) the same day of the shoot, and the customer is free to share with prospects and colleagues.

He will email the customer a link to the pictures as soon as they are online. The customer may have the digital image files, if they desire.

These images will remain available online for one year.

If you are interested in purchasing prints or enlargents you may do so on line or by telephone.

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